What Are Thinx Period Panties And How Do They Work?

Back in 2016, I saw a lot of my blogger friends had written reviews for this new product, THINX. Later that year on Black Friday I saw THINX was having a sale and I said why not give them a try. I bought one pair and on my next menstrual cycle, I gave them a try. I was in love!! I purchased another pair so I could make it through the day without using pads or tampons. Now I use 3 pair a day during my cycle and I haven’t bought pads in years. THINX Period Panties have saved me money and embarrassment for the last 3 years. I no longer worry about ruining my underwear and my clothes.

THINX has several layers of material that absorb the blood during your cycle. They have different styles that have different absorption. This blog post has gotten very personal so why not mention I am a HEAVY BLEEDER and yes I use THINX Period Panties. My favorite style is the hi-waist and 2nd is the cotton brief. I would love to help continue the conversation about periods and menstrual equality.

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