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Mitsubishi Made Me Happy


The last week in California was just as great as the other 2 weeks. I loved this Mitsubishi Lancer. I did not realize that they still made Lancers. This car was excellent on gas and had heated seats and blind spot alerts. Los Angeles traffic is crazy so these blind spot notifications came in handy when trying to change lanes on the very busy streets of LA.

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If you have been following my trip to LA then you know Tasha is my sister from another mister. Tasha and I decided to meet for lunch at Sweetie Pie's and I told my friend from Periscope Quencie of Studio Q TV that I would be in the area and she met us there. It is so great to meet folks from social media in person.


This is a GREAT CAR for a single girl like myself. It also has enough room for a family of 4. I wouldn’t be mad if my future husband pulled up to pick me up for a hot date in this vehicle. Visit Mitsubishi to find out more information about these great cars.

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