Ask Dr. Renee: Mazda MX-5 Means I Made It Back To Atlanta

mazda mx 5

A couple of years ago I drove a Mazda MX-5 to the Dream Conference in Atlanta it was a wonderful weekend. Well this was an even better time in Atlanta. My clients and I had important business to take care of at CNN Headquarters!! I also was able to stop by the Momentums in Medicine Conference put on by my Bestie Dr. Drai.

Twin Docs Dr. Jamil and Dr. Idries with HLN host Melissa Knowles

Momentum in Medicine with Dr. Drai, Jai StoneLamar Tyler


This car is a great car for a single man or woman because it is a small car. The convertible is great in good weather unfortunately on this trip that was one day. It is a manual transmission which I love!! The gas mileage was decent because of the manual transmission. The sound system is wonderful and of course it had a great navigation system. Please check out this car and all the other great cars Mazda has to offer on their website Mazda