Mazda Makes Moves In La La Land

The second week of my Los Angeles trip I drove this beautiful Mazda CX-3. This was a great little car for parking in small spaces on the street. This car was small in size but was perfectly capable of driving thru the crazy traffic in surrounding area of Los Angeles. I had a great sound system and GPS navigation system that helped me get where I was going.

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One of my fellow MSU Alum invited me to lunch at The Ivy. This is a famous LA hot spot where lots of celebrities are spotted. It was gourmet food. They gave us each a free box of chocolate chip cookies at the end of our meal.


This is a great first car for a new driver. I would also suggest this car to a first time car buyer that is single. If you have a family with small children 2 car seats would fit in the backseat comfortably. This is what I call a great city car mileage is SUPERB! and it fits into small spaces. If you are interested in checking out this car please go to Mazda.

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