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I Choose Happy

Somewhere around 2007 I decided to choose to be happy. When you look at the alternative I think this is the best choice. For a very long time when I was asked how I felt I would always say content. After many years of living I figured out, that I wasn’t truly living. I was watching life past me by. I wake up every morning choosing to be HAPPY!! No one or thing is going to bring you happiness you must decide what kind of life you want to live or to live at all. It is your turn to Pick2……Life is for the living. Live every single day like it is your last. As I say on The Ask Dr. Renee Show every week, “This is not a dress rehearsal you only have one life, live it now, live it loud and live the life you deserve.” Life is about choices good or bad YOU CHOOSE! McDonald’s is also allowing us to choose with the new McPick2, where you can pick 2 great classics from their menu. Now it’s your turn to get in on the fun! Share your version of the McPick2 jingle too! From June 1 to June 18 share your McPick2 jingle on social media and be sure to tag @365Black and use #McPick2 and @365Black will shout out their favorites!”Jingles should be short and fun (no more than 30 seconds!), here some samples. Be creative!


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