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I love this holiday season because of the holiday parties and seeing family that you do not see any other time during the year. Thank you Kia for this Sedona that got me around the city of Chicago. It was unseasonably warm when the car arrived and started to get cold when it was time to give it back. The Sedona has 2 sunroofs so you can imagine I was cruising down Lake Shore Drive with the sunroofs open. As far as safety features go this car was full of them. If you have to drive a minivan this is a very safe one. When the car was stopped you could see 360 degrees around the vehicle. There is no way someone could approach the car without the driving knowing. There were buttons that would open each of the sliding doors and close them as well. If you would like to check this car out further please visit KIA.


Loni Love Salute Her Luncheon

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Cafe Mocha Radio, #1 Urban indicated radio show from a woman's perspective. Loni Love and Angelique Perrin were the hosts of the awards luncheon. They are 2/3 of the hosts of the radio show. MC Lyte is the 3rd host of the show. The Kia Sedona is so spacious I was able to do an airport run luggage and all. My passengers came to town for the awards luncheon and the first thing that wowed them was the back doors that I opened and closed without getting out of the car. They thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of the reclining backseat with the footrests. Also the weather was beautiful 12/10/15 in Chicago so we opened the sunroofs.. YES 2 SUNROOFS!!


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