Happy Thanksgiving From Detroit


I recently went home to Detroit for Thanksgiving with Mitsubishi Outlander. It was a great my sister came and our “other” sister Shelly flew in as well. Thanks to Mitsubishi we were able to give her a grand tour of Detroit. The Mitsubishi Outlander had  some great features and was VERY ROOMY!!! The weather for Thanksgiving was unseasonably warm so we were able to use the sunroof!


My first night with the Outlander we picked up my little friends and the car seats so easily slipped in to the 3rd row. I don;t think I have ever put car seats into a vehicle that quickly and easily EVER. And the best part they were secure, which means they were in correctly. We went to a Thanksgiving program at church. ask-rd-renee-happy-thanksgiving-kids


Every fall the Franklin Cider Mill opens and it closes Thanksgiving weekend. We went and bought cider and donuts on the last day of 2015 season.  Shelly was our guest so we had to expose her to all of the traditions that we have.


Finally we gave our sister a tour of Detroit. Anyone that knows me knows there is never a dull moment. So in the midst of our tour we saw a older lady stranded in the middle of of a busy intersection. I drove up to the lady and the girls got out and helped push her car to the side of the road.


Rescue2 ask-dr-renee-happy-thanksgiving-Rescue1












We went to Motown Museum, Comerica Park, Campus Martius, Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, Eastern Market and finished up in Mexican Village.


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This car is a 7-seater. It is the perfect vehicle for a family of 5 or more. This vehicle drove so smoothly I nearly forgot it was an SUV.


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Thank you Mitsubishi for a wonderful holiday in Detroit. This is a great family vehicle I highly recommend it. Please check out my YouTube channel to see video of some more cool features.

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