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What Fun Did I Have In The Toyota Highlander For Thanksgiving?


The Toyota Highlander 2017 was an amazing truck. One of the best features of this vehicle besides the space (it seats 7 comfortably) was that it didn’t feel like a truck. I am only 4’11” as you know and I slid in and out with ease instead of having to climb up to get in the vehicle. It felt like a car but it was a full SUV!! Unfortunately we didn’t get to use it but there was also a TV in the backseat with headphones! This is a great vehicle for someone who has a larger family or tends to bring a lot of people along for the ride. Please visit Toyota and check out this amazing vehicle.


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I took my little friends to see "The Star" it was SOOO GOOD!! I will talk about it in another post. But when we got back from the movies my dad was working on our Christmas tree. So the kids chipped in to help decorate.

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