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What Fun Did I Have In The Toyota Highlander For Thanksgiving?


The Toyota Highlander 2017 was an amazing truck. One of the best features of this vehicle besides the space (it seats 7 comfortably) was that it didn’t feel like a truck. I am only 4’11” as you know and I slid in and out with ease instead of having to climb up to get in the vehicle. It felt like a car but it was a full SUV!! Unfortunately we didn’t get to use it but there was also a TV in the backseat with headphones! This is a great vehicle for someone who has a larger family or tends to bring a lot of people along for the ride. Please visit Toyota and check out this amazing vehicle.


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One of my favorite little people turned 6 years old!! Happy Birthday Alex, he had a lego party at Robot Garage in Birmingham, MI. The kids all had a great time and Auntie Nae-Nae enjoyed the Jet's Pizza that was served.

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