High Heels

How many times have you seen some cute high heels?? But you knew that you would not be able to stand for more than 5 minutes in them let alone walk from the car to the door? Well ladies I have a solution…….

Insolia were invented by an engineer whose wife would complain every time she had to wear heels. I am only 4’11” so I love 5 inch and higher heels. I had an accident in my teens that was causing me horrible foot pain in recent years. I had surgery last year on my foot and I started wearing heels six months later. I put my insolia in my shoes and I attended 2 weddings and I danced and partied all night long in 5 inch heels. I tweeted and told insolia how much I love the product because it actually works. They responded and are offering all of my readers 15% off their FIRST ORDER, use the promo code DrRenee. Go to Insolia NOW!! The promo code expires 12/31/13.

Some of you may know I used to live in England and there was this great shop in the mall called Marks and Spencer. Well they sell insolia in all of their shoes and boots and ship for free to the US I checked the prices and honestly they are pretty good. The shoes are in UK sizes so you need to check the size chart to see exactly what your size is.

The reason why these inserts work is because they help shift the weight off the ball of your feet. Here are some images and videos to illustrate how well they work.


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