I Am Eric Garner (#ICantBreathe)

Eric garner, black lives matter

“I can’t breathe”, I watched the video of Eric Garner and I felt for him because as a lifelong asthmatic I have said those 3 words more times than I can remember. Here was a man who was placed in a chokehold and said he couldn’t breathe and nothing was done to help him. I recently posted a message on my facebook page and thought it would be a good idea to share it with my readers.

Anyone that knows me knows I steer clear of political discussions. But I watched the video of Eric Gardner and I recall an incident when I was basically in a “chokehold” by the police. I was pulled over in the middle of an asthma attack I was driving home and he stopped me right outside I asked nicely if I could please go get my machine because my inhaler was not helping anymore I could not breather I felt so suffocated I got out of the car and scared him half to death standing at 4 foot 11 inches. He refused to let me get help even though by time he gave me the ticket I couldn’t even talk because of the coughing and wheezing. I SURVIVED!! Poor Eric Gardner didn’t have a chance. The cop did not show up to court when I fought my ticket so it was thrown out. I am so proud of the peaceful protests all over the country especially in Detroit and Chicago (my cities). #ICantBreathe #ICantBreathe this is the same thing I told the officer over and over again.

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This happened a year ago to a young man who was in jail and unfortunately he is no longer with us either. Michael Saffioti died in jail after eating oatmeal due to a dairy allergy.  In the video below you can see that he was inquiring what was in the oatmeal and even after asking was still not sure before he took a spoonful. I hope his family wins their lawsuit because this jail did a little too late.  In all of these circumstances the police officers need to be re-trained so that they can identify a medical emergency.

Now there have been many stories in the news about black men being killed at the hands of police officers. I am not a black man and some reporters have said they were thugs and that is why they were shot. I am telling my story to show that this can happen to anyone. I don’t consider any of them or myself a thug either. But I am Eric Garner.