Have You Seen Dr. Renee’s Weight Loss Transformation?

weight loss transformation

Have You Seen Dr. Renee?

Dr. Renee you are disappearing….. I have had a weight loss transformation. Several months ago I used the hashtag #IncredibleShrinkingDoc well I finally believe it. The before picture above was taken March 14, 2017 and I have never been so uncomfortable at a photo shoot in my life. I saw the pics and immediately text Austin Julian Davis (my photographer) and asked if he could photoshop that second chin out of the pic. March 31, 2017 I started an eating plan that has changed my life. I don’t think I have been this size since college. The truth is I haven’t been this small in 20 years.

Why Did I Do It?

Everyone knows that I do a lot of camera work and they say that the camera puts on 10lbs. I am convinced it puts on 30lbs!! When I was just sitting doing my interviews in front of my step and repeat. I noticed the second chin. When I started doing “Out of Office with Dr. Renee” I noticed the fat everywhere else. The second thing I noticed was, my lower back was hurting because my butt was getting to big. I am too young to be in pain like that from just walking from room to room.

Weight Loss Transformation

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How Did I Do It?

One of my friends was posting daily weight loss and I asked her what she was doing. She said HCG drops and no carbs no sugar, I didn’t think it was possible when she said it. And then I realized I had no choice but to try and see what happened. I LOVE BREAD but I went 3 months no carbs no sugar oh and no dairy (I can easily drink 2 gallons of skim milk a week). My drops have B-12 in them that helped me with my energy level. I was lazy at the beginning and didn’t exercise. But, I finally jumped on that bandwagon the last part of the summer. Now I can be found walking thru whatever city I am in, I walk a minimum of 6 miles a day, and on average at least 10K steps a day. If you have a Fitbit please find me and lets get in a challenge!! If you are interested in trying the drops I want to see your weight loss transformation. Upload your transformation pics here!

Give Me Some Drops

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