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Corolla Makes A Comeback



I have to tell you the last time I was in a Corolla was in the 90’s my good friend Tiffany had one and it was a nice car for a college student. This car has come a long way!! I think the Corolla would be a great family car or young professional like myself. This Corolla had all the bells and whistles including a nice sunroof. The sound system was amazing and it had a special setting to help me to prevent sliding in the snow and ice that we briefly experienced during my time in this car.


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I visited Harpo Studios for the last time. Oprah Winfrey sold Harpo Studios a couple years ago and they have officially moved out and the BIG sign on Randolph had already been removed and the sign on the building was gone. This is the last sign that states Oprah was here.


Here is the first time I went to Harpo Studios and the Oprah Winfrey Show

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