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How Was Blogalicious 9 Made Marvelous With Mitsubishi Outlander?

As you know I was a Social Media Ambassador for Blogalicious 9. First I have to say THANK YOU Stacey Ferguson! Blogalicious is her baby and her and her team executed an EXCELLENT conference. This year we were sponsored by some wonderful companies. The swag bag was so big it was overflowing and busting at the seams. It was wonderful to meet my social media friends in real life!! This was my second Blogalicious and I must say they have not disappointed me yet. Next year I am hoping to take an even more active role like key note or a talk. I am so excited to put what I learned to practice and see what happens. I also connected with lots of brands that align with the Ask Dr. Renee brand and I can’t wait to see what comes of these new connections. Miami has recovered well from Hurricane Irma and looks like it was barely touched.

Kia sponsored a fabulous suite that included:

Change the Cycle had a wonderful conversation about Fibroids with Dr. Jessica Shepherd and Tanika Gray-Valburn of The White Dress Project. #ChangeTheCycle #WeCanWearWhite

Wells Fargo hosted a glam suite with Lamik cosmetics. They also sponsored the pitch competition #WellsFargoWorks #PerfectPitchV

Hanes had a lovely suite with the cutest and most delicious cookies. They had free bra fittings and each of us received a free bra and for every fitting 10 women with breast cancer received bras. #HappyinHanes

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The best part of the entire weekend were the sessions!!! I attended the Caribfluencers panel which was AMAZING!! My biggest take away from that session alone is that if we support each other we will all win!! I attended a session about incorporating travel into your business. Thank you Jonelle Henry for her awesome presentation. The last session I went to was Blogger to Media Consultant by Kristin Simmons. This helped me to make some much needed changes to my website and garner more business.

The keynotes were all amazing and a few are on my facebook page. Myleik Teele, Pam Booker and Gwen Jimmere all dropped some awesome nuggets of wisdom and about their journeys.

I am so honored that #Blogalicious9 #TribeUp allowed me to participate in their conference and allowed me to share the experience with my audience.

Thank you to Mitsubishi Outlander for getting me between my Airbnb and the Miami Downtown Hilton. This was a GREAT truck because it had Eco so the whole time I was in Miami 4 days I might have burned 1/4 tank of gas, I encountered traffic jams and still that gas gauge didn’t move. The air conditioning was very important in the Miami heat as well. This is a perfect vehicle to get around a family or a group of friends. It was a very smooth ride for a truck. The rear gate was really nice opened and closed by itself. #DriveMitsu 

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