Who Needs Gas?

Thank you Toyota USA!!! I recently drove a Toyota Camry Hybrid!! OMG!!! I could not get the car to burn gas for anything. I drove that car all over the city limits and suburbs of Chicago and it remained a full tank. I was excited to find out that I did not have to plug in the car to charge it. The car charged itself whenever I was at a stop light or sign. Since I avoid the freeway like the plague this car charged lots!! Besides the gas this car had all the bells and whistles, Push button start, sunroof, GPS, SiriusXM Radio, Terrestrial radio, bluetooth etc. This Camry had heated seats which came in handy in Chicago while the car was warming up my seat warmed up immediately.
Thanks to Toyota I attended the “BET Thanks You” event at Sip and Savor in Bronzeville. This was a great event that brought a DJ to the coffee shop and everyone received a free cup of coffee.

This was a very nice car for a single girl like myself, but also for a family of 4 or 5. Anyone that is looking to save money on gas I HIGHLY recommend the Camry Hybrid!! Please visit Toyota

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