The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Royale Watkins

Royale Watkins can tell a story, and he’s got quite a story to tell. One of 14 kids, he knew at an early age the importance of being heard.  Watkins pursued comedy in college and after a brief stint in Desert Storm he found himself performing in front of a national audience on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam.”  Unlike the comedians before him, he chose not to use vulgar language to win over the crowd.   He did what he does best… he just told his story.

Eventually Royale walked off the comedy stage and onto the big screen.  He’s starred in films as varied as “Speed II,” “Deliver Us from Eva,” and “My Dinner with Jimi.”  Watkins has also left his stamp on the small screen as a writer.  He’s written for shows such as “All of Us,” “Til’ Death,” and most recently “Are We There Yet?”  In 2009 he partnered up with film and television star Anthony Anderson to create the “Mixtape Comedy Show.”  What started off as a joke between the two friends on Facebook, has grown into one of New York City’s most talked about nights in stand-up comedy and is building a national fan base, thanks to healthy internet buzz.  In a fickle industry Royale Watkins has managed to have the career aspiring comics can only dream about.

Whether it’s telling jokes on stage, writing a script, or producing what’s next in entertainment, Royale Watkins will always do what he does best and that’s tell his story the only way he knows how…honestly and from the heart.


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