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SOAR Retreat

I am so grateful for the women in my life who have taught me to SOAR!! My mom has been a Priest for the last 10 years of our lives she decided that it was time to go back to school after being a hospital administrator for years and study Theology. I listen to her stories about work everyday and just pray that I can SOAR like she has to serve so many people in her capacity. My friend Jada Russell of High Style Marketing taught me to SOAR by teaching me her craft and helping me get acclimated in a new city and a new industry. She hired me as a paid intern and I learned so much about public relations and marketing and I am forever grateful for those experiences. My mentor Karen Taylor Bass  of Taylor Made Media PR is another publicist who not only gave me the name Dr. Renee but would read my press releases and give me advice on business when I first got into entertainment and wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. And of course Dr. Rachael Ross of The Doctors who continues to pave the way as a doctor in media who allows me to SOAR by showing me all the steps to get to television.

I am not exactly sure when it happened but many years ago I realized that my purpose was to mentor young girls and my peers, to understand that they can do anything. I believe it was after the first time I read “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. Once I discovered this purpose I began helping young women to navigate this world so they could make their dreams come true. I work very hard and I want to share the information I have learned so women and girls can be successful in their endeavors. I am a Girl Scout Leader for very young girls, teaching them how to live by the Girl Scout Law which of course includes being responsible and having respect for others amongst other key principles. I also mentor high school students to make certain they have all the tools they need to get into college and be successful. In recent years I am writing for several online publications and blogs that have a large female demographic and I am doing my best to empower women with knowledge about their health. Without health you have nothing so this is a platform that I understand is very important. I will continue to do speaking engagements, tv and radio appearances to uplift women with information that will help them to SOAR!

I am so grateful that all of these women have continued to allow me to SOAR and taught me that there is enough for all of us so I do not mind sharing my knowledge with you. I have learned so much from them and I hope that the  girls and women that I am mentoring and leading will SOAR even higher than me.

I am so excited that Paul Carrick Brunson has been added to this retreat you might remember he was a guest on The Ask Dr. Renee Show.

See you at the TOP!!


If you would like to attend the SOAR Retreat please click below for more details.

Steve Harvey, SOAR Retreat, Laila Ali, Patrice Washington, Doreen Rainey, What is the SOAR Retreat, When is the SOAR Retreat, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews



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