The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Yadira Harrison

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Yadira Harrison is co-founder of Verb, a hybrid consultancy/agency offering that provides a holistic approach to integrated and experiential campaigns, brand partnerships, and proprietary platforms. Yadira is a seasoned industry veteran who has grown a diverse team at Verb and fostered strong client relationships with Netflix, Amazon Web Services, Lyft, AMC Networks, and Everlane. Before starting Verb, Yadira was a Vice President at Civic Entertainment Group (A Seacrest Global Group Company), where she led the agency’s Airbnb and eBay teams through numerous activations and proprietary franchises including Airbnb Open (SF, Paris, LA), Airbnb Haus @ Sundance Film Festival and On the Road with eBay Motors. Prior to, she led the Advertising & Partnership Marketing team at Macy’s Parade & Entertainment Group pushing for digital and social integration, art direction, and large-scale promotional ideas to increase brand equity such as Macy’s Great American Elf Adventure and Macy’s Sizzle Showdown Grilling Guru Competition.