The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Sybil Amuti

Sybil Amuti, The Great Girlfriends, brand strategist, model, entrepreneur, speaker

Sybil Clark Amuti is an executive brand strategist, podcast producer and co-host, philanthropist, coach, wife, and mother. She holds a B.S. in urban studies from Dillard University and an urban planning from Columbia University. Born and raised in Memphis Tennessee, Sybil has built a life and career in NYC over the past 15 years as and continues to build her impact here on the east coast.

For over 15 years, Sybil has delivered world-class strategy and brand direction to some of the world’s most renown personal, corporate, and philanthropic brands, such as Scholastic, Nike, Sony Entertainment, Target, Nascar, Disney, HBO, Conde Nast, Tony Robbins, Feeding America, LA Reid, Usher, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, TD Jakes, The Pink Pony Fund, and more. As the former Chief Strategy Officer for an emerging start-up, Impact Republic, her brand management and infrastructure development led to the growth of the company from $0 to $12m in under 2 years, and from 4 employees to over 20 within the same time frame. As a brand strategist, Sybil considers herself a “brand whisperer”, as she has been known to translate brand messaging and intention into lifestyle engagement that consumers can relate to on an every-day basis. Her company, Legacy Row, is focused on legacy brand building and creating an alliance of like missioned brands who seek to create an impact on a local to a global level. On a personal level, Sybil is concentrated on building her own legacy in strategy, branding herself 1st, and also contributing towards the legacy of others.

Sybil also serves as executive producer and co-host of The Great Girlfriends Show a podcast conversation series created to connect women with daily tips and solutions for living a passionate everyday life and building a thriving business. She is also the creator and executive producer of The Grace Podcast, which is dedicated to providing practical spiritual development for Christian women. She is also the founder of BRAVE, an intimate growth circle for women fostering mentorship and one on one development.

As a philanthropist, Sybil is passionate about youth mentorship, eradicating hunger, and educational equality for girls around the world. She extends financial support, personal time and attention to Covenant House and Feeding America.

Sybil wife of 12yrs, and mother to 10-year-old old Sam and 7-year-old old Dylan. She resides in Northern NJ but spends the majority of her professional time in Manhattan.

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