The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Jolyn GC

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March is Women’s History Month!!! March 6, 2021 will be my 100th EPISODE of The Ask Dr. Renee Show!!! In honor of Women’s History month I will have 4 AMAZING women as guests this month. In celebration of my 100th episode we have some giveaways!!! Please don’t forget to enter the raffles!! And of COURSE don’t miss THE SHOWS!!

About my guest…

Jolyn GC “Galactic Catalyst” is the Co-creator and Co-Executive Producer of The Come Up Series – a financial and investment education media company. The focus is to teach Black and other people of color how to use investment knowledge to close the wealth gap. Known as the First Lady of Leisure, she boldly asserts, “I don’t work. I create.” Jolyn continues to take her reparations out of the market to live a leisurely life where she is freed up to create as she sees fit. Jolyn is an award winning artist and curator, and co-founder of a tech startup.

Come Up Series: