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Selfie On A Stick Giveaway

I am so excited to finally get a Selfie On A Stick!! I have been admiring everyone’s pictures that I knew they took with a Selfie On A Stick. I have short arms so my selfies are never as cute as other’s. I bought a remote camera shutter a couple years ago and I love that because that helps me take better selfies. But I am convinced that my new gadget is going to improve my selfie game 10-fold. As soon as I master how to use it I will post some pictures. In the meantime I wanted to give a Selfie On A Stick and a remote camera shutter (valued $29.99) away!! May the best photographer win!

If you would like to purchase Selfie On A Stick go to their website and see the different colors and the wired version.

My first pics with my Selfie On A Stick!!

Don’t forget to enter the raffle to win one of your own!! 




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