Should you schedule an induction?

Ask Dr. Renee: Should You Schedule An Induction


Dear Diary,

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick your baby’s due date? Maybe you want your little girl to share a Born Day with your late, great-grandmother. Or perhaps you want your son to celebrate his life with his father. Or maybe, you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Well, some moms-to-be, along with their doctors, pick the date their bundle of joy will arrive by scheduling an induction. But being induced isn’t always the healthiest and safest choice for you and your baby. So before you make a decision to speed up the pregnancy process, I caught up with Dr. Draion Burch, a.k.a. Dr. Drai the Baby Catcher. He is an Attending OBGYN Physician at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Magee Women’s Hospital. We discussed inducing labor and why and when it is necessary.

Dr. Renee: When should you wait to induce labor?

Dr. Drai: First off, that word simply means we give you medication, or just do something, to start your labor for you. At 39 weeks gestational age, we know your baby’s lungs are mature, so it’s safe for your doctor or midwife to induce you just because (electively). I’m strict though. I like the bun to bake a little longer. I offer elective inductions between 41-42 weeks. I wait to see if your body is going to go into labor naturally.

Dr. Renee: Who is a good candidate for labor induction?

Dr. Drai: You must have a favorable cervix, meaning if induced you will deliver through the vagina. If your cervix is dilated to more than five centimeters, soft, located in the front of the vagina, thinned out  more than 80percent, and the baby’s head is low, you are a great candidate.

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