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What Did Dr. Renee Do In Atlanta With Save A Girl Save A World And Toyota?

I recently went to Atlanta to a retreat for Save A Girl Save A World. This amazing organization was founded by Glenda Gill. Thank you to Toyota for making sure I got around Atlanta seamlessly.

The birth of Save a Girl Save a World

“We wanted to show young women what a productive, fulfilling, spiritual life with joy looks like. We want girls to really know that they are our legacy and next generation of leaders; that we care about them and how they show up, represent and appear in the world.  We want to be their village and support system to navigate
life’s challenges and to share a roadmap based on our various real-life experiences. We want to do what we can to help young girls along their journey in life. Together, we assembled our professional resources along with our network of some of the brightest and most accomplished women from coast to coast to work with us as mentors; holding the idea of developing sisterhood with a younger generation to share knowledge and experiences would prove invaluable.  It’s important that throughout our program, we really drive home the point – as mentors, we are there for the girls.  If they need guidance, we are   there whether it is for the year, or for a lifetime.  We want to give these girls things that we wished we had. Our goal is to bring out the greatness in them and to let them know that we have their backs.
…And that’s how Save A Girl, Save A World was born.”
-Glenda Gill

My experience 

This was my second year with SAGSAW and I must say that it has been a wonderful experience. My two mentees are smart young ladies that I know are going to do great things in this world. They inspire me on a regular basis. They both live in North Carolina so we communicate via text messages and FaceTime. There are other events that SAGSAW participates in during the year and I will hopefully see them again before next fall.

If you are interested in sponsoring, donating or volunteering to this great organization. Please visit Save A Girl Save A World .

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