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I was recently interviewed by Courtney Bell of @CbellCoaches and Rolling Out, we talked about my brand and the businesses that I have started. Many of you have just recently heard of me because of The Ask Dr. Renee Show. This interview gives you some insight into me and the work I have done. Please head over to .


Here is a preview:

Dr. Renee Matthews knew early on that her mission in life was to help others. She is doing this by educating African Americans on the health issues plaguing our community through her platform Ask Dr Renee. She serves as the health correspondent for TV One’s “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin. She also writes health columns and is a contributing writer for Ebony magazine,,,,,, and Dr. Renee has also appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Oprah After the Show” and “The Katie Couric Show.”


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