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Ask Dr. Renee: On-The-Go Coupon Tips

On-the-go Coupon Tips


I attended The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006 and saw this lady spend $25 for over $100 worth of groceries for her family of four. I told my mom that if she could do it so could I. I started purchasing both papers every Sunday and I got a binder and organized my coupons by category. I checked the sales sheets for the items that were on sale so I could plan my meals accordingly. Here are some tips to help you to save lots of money with coupons.


1. Purchase multiple Sunday papers – Find out which Sunday paper has the best coupons. The Sunday papers have different coupons. If you realize that one has better coupons than the other buy several copies of that paper.

2. Coupon Clipping Service – I went online and found coupon clipping services that had coupons for the products that I buy reguarly and I stocked up on them.

3. Join the store loyalty program – Most of the stores now have an online component or an app on your smartphone that will allow you to attach coupons to your card. If you have the coupons attached to your card you will receive the savings at the register but if you have a paper coupon in addition to the coupons on your card you will save tons of money and possible get the items for free.

4. Learn the coupon rules of your store – We had a grocery store that took expired coupons. I will never forget the day I bought yogurt and only paid $.01!! I had several expired coupons and the yogurt was on sale. Walgreens only allows 1 coupon per item. Some grocery stores have double coupon days and some have it all the time and some not at all.

5. Know the prices of items – I had a book that I kept with the prices of meat, produce, household items etc. This way I knew when I saw a steal. It is best to carry a calculator with you when you shop so you can do some quick math. Just because it says buy 2 for this price, you don’t have to buy 2 you can buy 1 but you should check the price for 1. Also look at the unit price to make sure you are saving money.

6. Get a raincheck – If they are out of the sale item request a raincheck so you can get the same sale price when they get more items in stock

7. Pay attention to the cash register – I personally use self-checkout when I have tons of coupons because I want to see that I get all the savings I am suppose to and I go at my own pace. Watch the cashier and make certain that all your coupons count.

8. Coupon Apps:

Checkout 51 – You can get cash back on milk, eggs, and other everyday groceries. You can download                                 Checkout51 here! I use this and I like it a lot.

Favado – I have never used this I just learned of it while writing this post

            Click Here to download Favado to your phone


9. Coupon Sites:



10. Please check out Money Mailer where they have coupons for everyday things like take out, cleaners, car washes, entertainment etc.  


I am participating in this campaign as a member of  The Niche Parent Network & Conference in partnership with Money Mailer. All opinions are my own.



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