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New Lyft Drivers Wanted

I recently became a Lyft Ambassador and in my duties I am trying to assist in getting more drivers on the road. Well you know I want to make sure it is beneficial to you to join Lyft. The referral fee depends upon the city you are in but I will tell you Chicago is $750!!!

Sign up with this special link and get up to $750:  CLICK HERE! Referral code is ASKDRRENEE

You can read about my first Lyft experience here. When they first arrived in Chicago.

Lyft is an easy way to get paid for driving your own car on your own schedule. Come help people get rides around the city with Lyft. Enjoy! To get your referral reward, you must sign up with your friend’s invite code and complete a minimum amount of trips. Actual reward and trip amount will vary by city. Check with your local Lyft team for details. If you are a new passenger you can use the same code and receive a discount on your first ride.

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