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Mitsubishi Makes Motown Marvelous


This past weekend I traveled back to my hometown to celebrate my mother’s 10th anniversary as a Priest. Thank you to Mitsubishi for helping this weekend to be extra special. My mom is my SHERO she is on her 3rd career. She was a higher education teacher, hospital administrator and now a Priest. Christ Church Cranbrook Bloomfield Hills, MI was blessed with my mother 10 years ago and now she is the Associate Rector of the church. All her parishioners tell me how much they love her every time I attend. There was a great  reception outside after the service. Thanks to the excellent trunk space of the Outlander we safely transported the beautiful tray of leftover food to our next event that day.




There were 2 features that as a doctor I love!!! The reinforced impact safety evolution body RISE enhances passenger protection performance. In the event of a collision, efficient energy absorption and high cabin integrity are important. RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body) achieves these features and enhances collision safety performance. This feature was created awhile ago but through the years has made great improvements to make this one of the safest vehicles for collisions. Please DO NOT TEST IT OUT just take my word for it!!

There are 7 AIR BAGS!!!!  The 7th one is under the driver seat! How ingenious is that?? They are all strategically placed to offer the maximum amount of protective coverage in case of impact. I am sure you have seen the crash dummies and the impact during a collision this extra airbag provides stability to lessen the blow and hopefully prevent further injury.

The best part of the weekend was chauffeuring this cuties. This is the first vehicle I have driven that had plenty of room for us. You can check out our live broadcast from Periscope on my YouTube Channel.

I highly recommend you look into getting an Mitsubishi Outlander if you need a nice size safe vehicle to transports your friends and family.








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