Mental Awareness Month

I know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but did you know it is also Mental Health Awareness Month? Well, unfortunately not enough is said or done on this subject and because of that people suffer and struggle in silence until it is often too late. In recent months we have heard of several celebrities that have made the decision to take their own lives because of depression. I’d like to tell you the story of someone that I knew, that fought depression a couple of times in her young life.

In 1990, two young freshman girls in high school quickly made friends with one another, and they soon became best friends. Though not an athlete, one of the young girls was very active in the arts in her high school, and was a gifted student. The two girls shared the same English class.  With the promise of not having to take the final exam if your grade in the english class was an A or B, the girls were very excited. The girls knew this was one final exam they did not have to worry about. 

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