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Mazda MX-5 Cruises Thru Hollywood

Thank you Mazda this little MX-5 was so cute and perfectly made for a little 4′ 11” girl like myself. This is the perfect vehicle for sunny California weather. The top came down so easily. This was a manual car which made it even more fun to drive. It had great sounds heated seats and all the other amenities you could fit in a little car. There was not a glove compartment in its usual place it was in between the two seats. The trunk existed but was small. Someone accidentally  locked their keys in the trunk. There was an emergency reset button that I was able to push to get the trunk open.



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Back in 2005 I made a vision board and stated I wanted to be in Essence Magazine and I am on page 106 of the April 2016 issue. You can't tell me DREAMS DO NOT COME TRUE! After driving around Long Beach, and Los Angeles I finally found the issue of Essence Magazine that I am in at the Larchmont Newsstand


I would recommend this car for a cute little lady because I was getting all sorts of looks and whistles in this car. I don’t’ think you can be very tall to get in this car because it is so small but my friend is 5′ 8” and she fit. But if you are looking for a fun very efficient car to drive in a busy city like Los Angeles (great to fit in small parking spaces) then this is your car.


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