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Mazda Making Moves

I had a blast in this Mazda 6. I have to remind everyone I am the queen of small compact cars. I could honestly see myself owning a Mazda 6. Everyone that got in the car asked me what kind of car is this and this is SO NICE!! This car is filled with all sorts of cool buttons and gadgets.


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This displays the other options that you can control thru this screen. There is a navigation system and bluetooth for your phone as well as iPod.

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If you need to get a nice safe car for your wife or girlfriend I think this would be a perfect vehicle. The car is spacious enough for kids and car seats but wonderful for a singlenista like myself or a couple with no kids. This car looks sporty enough for a single man that is trying to pick up the chicks… LOL Mazda this was my first time driving one of your cars and I believe you might have a new customer.


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