Leslie Jordan’s Social Distancing Posts Are Delightful

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Leslie Jordan’s social distancing posts are delightful. They are truly helping me get thru this time of isolation. Today is day 39 and outside of a quick trip to the grocery store every 2 weeks (if that). My sister Chef Alycia Nicole (Foodieengineer) sent me a DM of my 1st Leslie Jordan post. That was the beginning of me discovering my first Guncle (you have to watch his videos from Easter weekend for the definition). Two days later I had just about liked every video he posted during the pandemic so far. Leslie and I have something in common we are both 4 foot 11 inches tall or should I say short. I am hoping before this quarantine is over Guncle Leslie will be a guest on The Ask Dr. Renee Show. Please let me know if you have ever checked out Leslie Jordan¬†.