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Kicking it in Motown with Kia Soul


I recently went back to Detroit to celebrate the life of a friend who died of cancer at a Pink Out Game at my alma mater. This was my first time experiencing this but it was very nice. One of the Varsity football players wore a jersey with my friends name on the back in lieu of his. They also announced who each player was playing for and had photographers take our pics with the player.

I also attended a great concert that one of my past clients, Chico DeBarge did an amazing performance!

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I road in style in Detroit. I had the cutest Kia Soul it was GREEN!! Everyone knows that I bleed green and white because I am a PROUD SPARTAN from Michigan State University. This car had so many bells and whistles considering its size and price. The car was perfect for my 4 ft 11 in. stature but my mom who is not short sat in the back seat and had lots of leg room.

I am the doctor so of course I have to tell you about the safety features of this awesome car. Front and rear crumple zones… what does that mean you ask? It means that the car is designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy helping to preserve the passenger compartment. I have a love hate relationship with seat belt  pretensioners In the event of certain collisions, seat-belt pretensioners are designed to tighten the seat belts, pulling the driver and occupants more snugly into their seats in anticipation of an impact, to help to reduce the likelihood of injury.


My favorite thing about this car was the heated seats front and back!!! The weekend I was home of course was a bit nippy so my mom who sat in the backseat was glad to use the heated seats.


Here is the button in the back seat for the heated rear seats.




This is the display behind the steering wheel.



Here is the control center of the car. There is a camera to help you reverse as well.



You can control your phone, radio, cruise control and the menu in the dashboard all from the steering wheel.


I loved this car it was perfect for me!  Perfect for my height,  perfect size to get in to small places and for my passengers. Thank you Kia for making certain I had a great weekend in Motown!!


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