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Have You Had Buddy Fruits?

This past summer I visited my sister Alycia AKA Foodieengineer in Georgia.  We went to Publix  and there was a big barrel of these applesauces. My sister grabbed some and put them in the basket. I said what is that? She said oh these are my snacks. I picked up a few Apple Banana and Apple Cinnamon for myself. I tried them and fell in love!!! I was devastated when I came back to Chicago and could not find them anywhere 🙁 But I wanted to tell you about these amazing 100% fruit snacks 50-60 calories!! They are VERY convenient to carry in your purse or backpack. I contacted the company and they are going to put together a GREAT package for one of my readers.

These applesauces are 100% preservative free and are a GREAT way to get your daily fruits in your diet.

Here is the Buddy Fruits Mission:

The Buddy Fruits Promise has remained the same since day one: 100% Fruit, 100% Taste and 100% Pleasure!

Buddy Fruits is committed to delivering our families, a nutritious alternative to unhealthy foods.

With Buddy Fruits wholesome choice of natural ingredients, the products are an easy way to outsmart temptation!

Buddy Fruits is simplifying the busy everyday life of families by making fruit easy to consume whether at home, at the office, at school or on the go.

With a large variety of flavors, sizes and products available, all family members are able to consume healthy fruits daily.

With 23 million overweight kids across the nation (that’s 32% of all kids!) there is a clear need for fruit to reclaim the number one spot of snacks served to kids.

Buddy Fruits is the US pioneer of the squeezable pouch. Ever since we imported this concept in 2006, we have been dedicated to an ongoing commitment of reinventing the way we eat fruits. We will continue to offer healthy snacks you’ve never seen before!

Check out Buddy Fruits


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