The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Arsha Jones


It was so exciting learning the story of the woman behind Tees in The Trap!! Here is Arsha Jones’ bio:

I’m Arsha. I’m not really an entrepreneur, I just play one on the internet.

I consider myself a maker/creator. I make products I wish to see in the world – and it’s just that simple.

I’ve spent the last 17+ years (clearly I’ve stopped counting) as a web designer. Some where along my travels (probably between freelancing and working) I realized that I wasn’t the best employee. I never had the freedom to create projects, manage jobs and execute ideas exactly how I saw fit.

Then one day I made a move. I hopped on Google, did some Googling (“research”) and with less than $100 I created my first online business.

Capital City. My baby. My pride and joy.

Little did I know this business would be the first venture on a long list of ideas I wanted to create. I’m easily distracted by shiny new ideas. Blame the Gemini in me.

Since then I’ve launched my second baby. Tees in the Trap.

Which gave me the idea for Apps by the Pound.

I’ve always been skeptical of people who have “fifty-leven-dozen” things going on and now I’ve become one of them. Feel free to send me your virtual side-eyes.

So, no. I’m not an entrepreneur. At least I don’t feel like one. I’m just a person that likes to make things I can be proud of.

That’s where this blog comes in to play. This space will give me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned, talk about things I want to try and show you my failures – while preventing myself from going insane in the process.

This blog is a no-fluff zone. I give real advice based on hacks I’ve used daily to help grow my businesses to earn over six figures a year.

Sit back. Make some tea. Pour out a few drops for blogging/business buddies you’ve lost along the way.


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