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Happy Holidays


Last night I was watching my DVR and I did not fast forward the commercials fast enough. Well good thing because this BEAUTIFUL Apple Holiday commercial played and I saw a VERY familiar face. My Godmother plays the Grandmother in this commercial. My Godmother has been a big supporter of Ask Dr. Renee even before I was Dr. Renee. She is an amazing woman that has been there for me since before I can remember. I had no idea she had shot this commercial so it was such a pleasant surprise. An even bigger surprise to me was seeing pictures of my Godmother and Godfather and their names in the commercial! My Godfather died 20 years ago and I literally cried when watching this commercial. I hope that everyone has a Happy Holiday season and if you are touched by this commercial as I was please like/share. The commercial is called The Song and plays on iTunes as well. Last year the Apple holiday commercial received an Emmy it would be awesome if this year’s commercial won an Emmy as well. Thank you everyone for all your support.



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