Ask Dr. Renee: Chrisette Michele and Lem Payne Talk About Bipolar Disorder on R&B Divas LA

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On this season of R&B Divas LA, Chrisette Michele started her own record label, Rich Hipster, and her first artist is her brother, Lem Payne. Aside from his musical talents, it was also revealed on the show that Payne has been living with bipolar disorder for many years.

I recently spoke to Linette Payne (Chrisette and Lem’s mom) about this. She said that Lem is very smart and gifted, but he has a lot of different feelings to process at one time. This conflict made things difficult for Lem, starting when he was a young boy. Linette shared that she had to fight with frustrated school teachers and other authority figures in Lem’s life in order to help them understand that her son wasn’t a bad apple, but that he had an illness.

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Ask Dr. Renee: The Ask Dr. Renee Show With Teneshia Jackson Warner

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The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Teneshia Jackson Warner

Teneshia Jackson Warner’s life story has been one of perseverance, diligence, risk-taking and inspiration. Her motto “It’s not enough to follow your dreams, we must chase them”, is a theme that is weaved throughout the impressive career that Teneshia has built over a decade spanning multicultural marketing, project management and inspirational life coaching.

Teneshia began her career as a mentee of the globally successful innovator, entrepreneur and hip-hop Mogul, Russell Simmons. For five years under Russell’s leadership, Teneshia gained valuable experience as the as General Manager of Rush Communications. Inspired and encouraged by Russell, Teneshia embarked upon her own entrepreneurial path, and founded her own marketing firm, Egami Consulting Group (Egami).

Egami is now an award-winning multicultural marketing firm and as CEO/COO, Teneshia connects brands to urban and multicultural consumers. Egami enables brands to “INSPIRE”, consumers through innovative, invigorated and engaging best in class marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, custom community programs, public relations and/or new product launches. Since 2007, she has led the firm from a dream concept to a thriving multi-million dollar business.

Under Teneshia’s leadership, Egami formed a strategic partnership with the world’s third largest communications firm MSL Group, a Publicis Groupe global engagement firm, and acts as their exclusive diversity marketing partner working to deliver multicultural marketing solutions to their client network. Together they have delivered award-winning client work for leading brands such as P&G’s Bounty and My Black is Beautiful, Verizon Wireless, Hennessy, Heineken, Dasani, General Motors, Western Union and KFC.

Teneshia has won several business awards including the coveted Black Enterprise Rising Star 40 and Under in 2012 and in 2010, she was also recognized by The Network Journal Forty Under 40 Award for US African-American achievers. has ranked Egami among the Top 500 Diversity Businesses for 2012. In 2009 as testament to their collaborative prowess, Egami and MSL Group received an ADCOLOR Most Valuable Partnership (MVP) award celebrating agencies that partner to deliver innovative solutions to their respective industries.

In fall 2012, Teneshia made her debut as an author released Profit With Purpose: A Marketer’s Guide to Deliver Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences. Published by Paramount Marketing, with the foreword provided by Russell Simmons, her book received rave reviews from leading marketing influencers, celebrities and industry press as the first book to be written on multicultural Purpose-Driven Marketing.

On November 13th 2012, Teneshia launched the Inaugural Purpose Awards which salutes and honors brands.

Ask Dr. Renee: Daisy Lewellyn of “Blood Sweat and Heels” Diagnosed With Bile Duct Cancer

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Source: Bravo


Many of you now know that Daisy Lewellyn of Bravo’s “Blood, Sweat and Heels,” has bile duct cancer. If you saw the first episode of the second season you heard her mention what happened to cause her to visit the doctor. Daisy had a classic symptom for liver disease, jaundice. Her makeup artist told her the whites of her eyes were green. Bile Duct Cancer is extremely rare but I am so grateful that Daisy has decided to use her platform to get the word out about her illness.


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Ask Dr. Renee: Brand Ambassador

In the spring of 2013 I attended an event to launch Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea line of products. I had heard of  this company for years reading about it in Black Enterprise magazine. I had never seen the products in the store and so I had never tried them. That night I went home with lots of samples and I started using them the very next day! I have received compliments from day one. I am so honored to announce that I am a BRAND AMBASSADOR for Eden BodyWorks now and my first event is in Chicago at the Black Women’s Expo. If you are attending the expo please feel free to visit our booth and learn about these products that are natural, paraben free products.

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The thing about EDEN BodyWorks™ that makes it so heavenly is how the all-natural ingredients work wonders to leave your hair softer, stronger and healthier. And that’s a beautiful thing.


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There are currently 4 different lines of products: Coconut Shea, Jojoba Monoi, Peppermint Tea Tree, and Eden Kids.

Peppermint Tea Tree treat scalp problems and remove all traces of dirt and oil buildup to create a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Jojoba Monoi products replenish and restore moisture to dry and brittle hair. Experience less breakage and improve hair’s elasticity with extended use. By balancing the hair’s natural oils, our JojOba Monoi products protect against moisture loss and improve the condition of damaged hair.

Coconut Shea collection was developed to infuse and add moisture. Coconut Oil helps improve hair strength. Combined with Shea Butter, this collection will leave hair more manageable, strong, and nourished.

The story of Jasmine Lawrence is AMAZING and I think she would be a great guest for The Ask Dr. Renee Show.

Let me know if you have ever tried these products. Do you have any questions about the products?

Ask Dr. Renee: The Ask Dr. Renee Show With Dr. Ro

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The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Dr. Ro

Dr. Ro is an award-winning health journalist and television personality known for her easy-to-apply diet, fitness, and health tips for women and families. A leading nutrition coach for over 2 decades, she was recently named by More magazine as one of America’s top-five nutritionists. She holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from Howard University and is author of “Dr. Ro’s Ten Secrets to Livin’ Healthy” (Bantam) – a best-seller praised as a top-ten diet book by USA Today. Having survived the loss of her mother at age 9 to stomach cancer, she has researched and written extensively about how to break bad health habits – from eating high-calorie comfort foods and resisting exercise to giving up on health goals and taking on the negativity of saboteurs. Dr. Ro says it takes only three weeks to form a new habit – an important note to women striving to replace bad habits with new healthy behaviors. For more information on Dr. Ro and her healthy lifestyles platform visit