Ask Dr. Renee: The Ask Dr. Renee Show With Kwamè

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The Ask Dr. Renee Show with Kwamè

Starting in 1989 as a rapper on Atlantic Records , Kwame released his debut Gold album “The Boy Genius” at the age of 16 & it garnered hit singles “The Rhythm ” & “The man we all know & love” This self written & produced work is considered a Hip Hop Classic. Other Kwamè Hp Hop classics include the party anthem “Ownlee Eue” .

Kwamè transitioned from artist to producer known for working with such acts as Mary J Blige , Christina Aquilerra ,Will Smith , Keyshia Cole , 5o Cent & Eminem . Kwamè has contributed to sales of over 30 million Albums. Along with doing score & cues for such films as “Step Up” 1& 2, Stomp the Yard , Drum Line , Fantastic 4 & Seasons of Love just to name a few.

Now Kwamè is officially launching his boutique label Make Noise /Caroline/Capital Records .

Home of R&B singer songwriter Vivian Green. VA based Hip Hop group Rebel Nation. Queens Ny based alternative Hip Hop artist Beyond Belief & Artist / Producer Kwamè .

Make Noise will release Vivian Greens 5th album entitled “VIVID” Produced by Kwamè on May 5th 2015 With its lead single “Get Right Back to My Baby” in Feb 2015.

Ask Dr. Renee: Mitsubishi Mirage Perfect Car For The City

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Mitsubishi Mirage Perfect Car For The City


Last week I drove a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage, the perfect little car for someone who is vertically challenged like myself ( I stand at a tall 4ft. 11in.). I really enjoyed this car because it fit into all of the parallel parking spaces in the city. Did you know that they have compact car spaces in a lot of garages in Chicago? Well they do and I fit perfectly in those spaces in this Mirage. I felt safe even though the car is small it can comfortably seat 5 people and lots of stuff in the trunk. The car has keyless entry and push button start, which appears to be a standard in new vehicles.

mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor

Here is the push button start

mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor

Here is the very spacious trunk.

mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor

This little button allows you to lock and unlock the doors without hitting any buttons on the remote. As long as the remote is near the car the button will work.



This is a very safe vehicle 4/5 stars Frontal Crash and Rollover 5/5 Side Crash. I will be honest with you I used to think little cars were more prone to crumbling in a crash. I am so glad to report that is not true for this vehicle. If you recall my review of the Mitsubishi Outlander you remember that it had 7 airbags. Would you believe this little car has 7 airbags as well??? I couldn’t believe it myself. The Mirage also has RiSE ( Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) Construction deflects and transfers crash, this is the technology that prevents fatalities in crashes.


mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor


As you all know I LOVE a deal and this car was ranked #1 in’s “New Cars for Penny Pinchers”. The car starts at $13K which is a great starter car for a new driver or first car for a new college graduate. Also the car is EXCELLENT on mileage. 44 highway miles!!! Chicago has some of the most expensive gas in the country it was great the a full tank went a LONG WAY!!


I am a HUGE fan of the Mirage and I hope that if you have a young person that needs a starter car you will consider this vehicle. Please visit

mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor

mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor

mitsubishi, drive mitsubishi, mirage, Drive Shop, Ask Dr. Renee, Dr. Renee Matthews, Periscope, Sponsor

Ask Dr. Renee: The Ask Dr. Renee Show With Arian Simone

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Oprah Winfrey once said: “What greater adventure is there than to live your dreams”. Arian Simone is a fun, fly, fabulous and fearless entrepreneur; she has been blessed throughout her career and continues to inspire others to live their dreams! Miss Simone is a proud native of Detroit, MI. She pursued her college education at Florida A&M University while owning and operating her mall-based retail store Fabulous.

Upon graduating college Arian Simone was laid off from her job and went from living in her apartment to out of her car; she was without a home of her own for almost a year until she was sought out to do Public Relations and Marketing independently.

Building a successful PR & Marketing firm from ground up, she established great relationships in the entertainment industry. She is credited with doing publicity and promotions work on films such as Limitless, Act of Valor, Takers, Quantum of Solace, Hancock, This Christmas, Stomp The Yard, and many more. She is responsible for the event planning of Lil Wayne’s 25th Birthday Bash, Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards’ Quarter of the Century Celebration, Chris Brown’s MTV Super 18, and countless others. She is also credited with servicing plenty prominent recording artist in the music industry.

In 2010 she launched FEARLESS Magazine with cover girls such as Khloe Kardashian, La La Anthony, Meagan Good and others. FEARLESS served as a platform for others to share their fearless journey.  In continuing the message of being Fearless, Arian Simone travels the world sharing her Journey as a source of inspiration. She has had the privilege of speaking at Dartmouth College, Indiana University/Purdue University, Howard University, FAMU, and others. Arian has also spoken at major events such as Dwyane Wade’s Wades World Youth Summit, MegaFest, Delta Sigma Theta National Convention and many more. She has been featured in a plethora of media publications and has been recognized by Ebony Magazine as one of the top 30 business leaders under 30.

In continuing her childhood and college retail dreams, Arian Simone recently launched her own lifestyle brand, the Arian Simone Collection featuring apparel, beauty products, home décor, gifts, and more.

Throughout the frenzy of her success, she always finds the time for philanthropic work. Using her life as an example, she serves as Founder of the Live Your Dreams Foundation empowering today’s youth to live a fulfilled life! Most important of all she gives all credit and respect to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for her success. Miss Arian Simone lives a life of fulfillment and encourages others to do the same!

Ask Dr. Renee: I Am So Proud Of This Woman


I Am So Proud Of This Woman

I read this story yesterday thanks to my sister who shared it with me. I am so inspired by this lady and I know I didn’t have any excuses before but I know now I really do not have any excuses if she can do it at 77 with all those replacements. I can do it!!

If you would like to follow me on my journey using myfitness pal (FREE APP on your smartphone). My username is askdrrenee.



Ask Dr. Renee: Dr. Renee Has A New Talk Show

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Tonight we will launch a new talk show with my new sisterfriend, Amber Wright, The Conversation Coach @TalkToAmber. We will utilize one of the latest forms of social media, Blab in order for our viewers to see both of us on the screen at the same time. Our show will air LIVE Tuesday nights 11pm EST on Periscope. If you are not familiar with Periscope please read this article . We will talk about whatever we think is important to us, music, entertainment, relationships, entrepreneurship, social media etc. I look forward to interacting with you on Periscope during the show.


Amber L. Wright is an award-winning educator in addition to being an accomplished speaker, dynamic writer, and the creator of Talk to Amber Media—a communication and public speaking consultancy. As a seasoned collegiate professor, Amber has impacted countless students with her relatable approach to public speaking and interpersonal communication courses. Amber’s gift is in revealing to others how to get what they want—from the boardroom to the bedroom—by having the right conversations. Established as an authority with an intriguing voice, Amber’s work has been featured on,, and many more. She has also been a special guest speaker for prominent events including: Blogalicious, At the Helm: Women in Biz, and the CSULA Women’s Conference.